Carlow Cricket Club meet Clontarf

By The Stateless Rohingya

Carlow Cricket Club meet Clontarf in the final of Minor 2 Cup on 6th September 2015 at Greystones Club, Wicklow. They meet each other again after the cup final was postponed on 23th August due to the undesirable weather conditions.
The Minor 2 Cup was first installed in 2014 with the aim of providing chances to the ever expansion of cricket in Leinster. It was Leinster 7 who have lifted the cup, having came to the cup competition as the favourite candidate.
Carlow Cricket Club have played four matches, winning all of them along the way to the cup final. The first match was played against Balbriggan 3 on 13th June who were beaten by 7 wickets, and Phoenix 6 were the next team to be beaten by 137 runs on 21st June. Ashbourne 1 and Tyrellstown 1 went out of the cup competition by 173 and 75 runs respectively on 12th July and 9th August.
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Carlow Cricket Club also take part in the Division 16 League which began on 3rd May when Carlow Cricket Club won on their debut with a heavy runs of 146 against Bagenalstown 3. The club continued their winning streaks for next 8 matches until they were narrowly beaten (1 wicket) by North Kildare 4 on 30th August.

It is the first time that Carlow takes part in a cricket cup final in almost 40 years, for which Carlow Cricket players are determined to bring the trophy to Carlow in order to boost youths and revitalize the club which is still considered to be one of the oldest cricket clubs in Ireland.

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